Saturday, February 14, 2009


Posts like this: Bob Smith is a bit anxious about John's first night in a big boy bed.. What ever happened to worrying about whether it would be Myles, Spots or Polleyes?

Make me feel like people are trying to communicate that since they have children, they are now too grown-up for childish decisions like what late-night food to order after a night of drinking. I sort of feel like when a person constantly states how "far they've come" since their young, carefree days, they are essentially stating that everyone else their age should also have left the activities of youth behind. Does anyone else get that, or am I just reading way too much in to it (completely possible)?

I think the cupcake and cookies I had for lunch have made me a bit edgy, as well as have completely erased my ability to concentrate on anything productive. Maybe it's also made me a bit bitter?

For the record...I am absolutely not joking when I say I'm going to be including Facebook in my Lenten sacrifices. I might go to an "every other day" schedule, instead of an "every 15 minutes" schedule ( attention span is that short). I might even start that shit before Lent even begins...


kam said...

Work forced me to give up Facebook - what a blessing. Too bad I get on it 10 times while at home.

I'm giving up "Regular" pop for Lent. Lord, give me strength. I'm also going to get my life in order/ that a Lenten promise?

Kristen said...

My overall Lenten goal is to reduce my level of vicariousness. Facebook will feel it, as will blogs, random politicial sites, etc. I'm not going to be so brave as to say I'll go completely without them, but my access to them will be restricted.

You can do it! Giving up "regular" pop could change your life, unless it'll mean you'll just drink lots of diet pop. I think getting your life in order/organized is a fantastic Lenten promise. I have similar pledges. See, with a reduced level of vicariousness, I think I'll have a lot more "me" time. Ha!