Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In defense of Britney Spears...

It'll come as no surprise to most of my friends that I bought the Britney Spears CD today. Of course I did, I have bought every one of her CDs (except that one time I actually won her CD through a radio contest...no joke) the day they were available. I love her poppy, infectious dance music. I know her lyrics are not ground-breaking, nor does she write most of her songs, but that is not why I listen to her music. I love the beat, so sue me.

I watched her performance on GMA today (happy birthday Brit!) and was relieved that it was much, much better than the VMA performance last year. Much. Was it as good as any of her other VMA performances? No. But at the same time, we (as the public) literally witnessed the unhinging of this poor girl over the past year (what with the head-shaving, the multiple stints in rehab, the losing custody of her children, etc.) and we need to realize it's going to take her a while before she is completely comfortable in front of a large audience. I mean, if I have a pimple, I lose a little confidence, and it's not like if I have a pimple it's on the cover of every tabloid.

I ask for patience and compassion. Although she'd better bring it when she goes on tour next year, because tickets aren't cheap and you'd bet your bottom dollar I'll be going.

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Meh. said...

Word, KP. I also bought it the day it was released, per usual, and I support your comments and feelings in this regard 100%.