Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another social experiment...

Since last night was Friday night, I was feeling the need to test out some social theories, specifically one regarding a certain guy who could be playing by "The Rules". Therefore, when some text messages were exchanged, after spotting a relatively decent spot to end the conversation, I did not write back, thereby taking away his chance to be the one who doesn't respond to a text.

Juvenile? Perhaps. But it's just a test...

So you may ask "What happened?". I'll tell you what happened...about 30 minutes later I get another text from him. So I decide to test out whether he was sending that last text accidentally, like he didn't realize I had not responded to his last text, or as a way of getting in the last word. Therefore, I responded about 20 minutes later (to be fair, I was at a concert and my phone was not on vibrate, so I didn't get the text right away). And guess what?

He didn't write back.

HA! Priceless. I am soooooooo on to this.