Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This sounds gross, but I want to see it for myself.

There is a bar in Chicago called Chinaski's. It's located at 1935 N. Damen, and on Monday nights it boasts "All You Can Eat Bacon". As in you get a basket of bacon, and that bitch is bottomless.

Now in the age where they have shirts that state "I'm Not Fat, I'm American", all you can eat ANYTHING is probably not a good idea, unless it's "All You Can Eat Celery". But bacon? Bacon in small quantities is not good for you, not only due to the fat and cholesterol, but all that grease! Unlimited bacon sounds like an recipe for disaster, or at least a super gross feeling after participating in it.

However, the very idea of it has me completely intrigued. I must go. I want to know how many people actually order it and get second or thirds. I will consider it my duty to find out.

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