Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day 13 - The day I notice grocery stores are playing better music

I used to get a little depressed whilst shopping for groceries. It wasn't the food that got me down (god no, never the food). I know a lot of people have angst around the holiday's when they see couples shopping, if they are not coupled for said holiday, however I think seeing a cute guy grocery shopping with his girlfriend is a little more defeating. It's non-stop! It's not seasonal, it's every time I set foot in a grocery store. Pair that with the awful, light-rock music every grocery store would pipe through and I would get my business done as fast as humanly possible and get out of there before I bought too much ice cream. I do not need to hear "I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore" after just pushing my cart past a cute guy..."OMIGAWD, did he just smile at me?!"...a split second before his teeny-tiny blond girlfriend bounced over with her fat-free everything (yes, in my world, the girlfriend's of cute guys are really skinny and more often than not they are blond).

I went through a very passionate phase where I disliked almost all slow music. Due to my maturing age, I'm enjoying it more, but it can't be too whiny, or at least has to have really meaningful lyrics. It's not that I didn't LIKE or appreciate the music, it just either put me to sleep (David Gray) or put me in a slightly sad mood (John Mayer).

Today, while running errands during the day (see Day 12), I walked in to my friendly neighborhood Jewel for some groceries. I think I've spent the past couple years tuning out the music in grocery stores, but today as I was agonizing over what bread to buy (I'm a Libra, decisions are tough), I was all "Is this The Killer's?!" Jewel was rocking out. I almost can't wait to go back, or to go to a Target or other big box store, to see if this was a fluke or if music really is getting better in stores.

Tip of the day - Check out the song "Paint a Face" by Neil Halstead. If you can't find it on iTunes, go to Stereogum or Neil's MySpace page. I'm think I'm in love with it. It's kind of slow. That's progress.

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