Friday, August 17, 2007

You are no Florence Nightingale.

One of my co-workers and I know a 31 year old woman through work who was just diagnosed with stage 0 breast cancer. Her lady-doctor found a lump she didn't like, the girl got it tested and removed and it was cancerous. They are pretty positive they got it all, but she is going to start radiation soon to be sure.

Here's an exchange that went down between my co-worker and me. "Casual Acquiantance" will be used in place of her name to protect the innocent (and to protect me from lawsuits and trash talking):

Me: "Casual Acquiantance sure has had a bad week...I feel terrible for her..."
Co-worker: "Ugh...I am so sick of her whining...I just want to tell her 'Look, your cancer was stage 0, get over yourself!'"
Me: *mouth gaping open like a fish out of water as I was at a total loss for words*

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