Thursday, July 14, 2011


Well, the inevitable happened.

Rilo Kiley is officially OVER.

I'm not surprised at this, as I paid careful attention to the lyrics on Jenny & Johnny's track "My Pet Snakes".  Some telling parts:

And I don't believe in sucking your way to the top
Fingers crossed, you're flipping me off
No, I don't need your supervision
I'll sink this ship if I want

And I don't believe that paradise is lost
I say this with my fingers crossed

Thankfully, they apparently are contractually required to release one more album, so there's talk of a 40-track, 2-disk set. Okay...I can handle that.

I thought Pollstar's email alert was a little callous, don't you think?
Greetings kristen_pengelly, we have just updated our listings.

Rilo Kiley Is Over
Rilo Kiley guitarist and co-founder Blake Sennett revealed in a recent interview that the indie rock band has broken up.
Rilo Kiley, Johnathan Rice, The Elected, Jenny Lewis, Jason Boesel, Jenny And Johnny

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