Monday, June 13, 2011

Woman's Best Friend

Today's prompt asks "Who is your greatest fan?"  Initially this question made me uncomfortable, because I wish I could say "my devoted boyfriend/husband/life partner who knows all the good and bad of me and loves me anyway!" but alas, I cannot. I spent about .007 seconds wallowing in my pity (cause really, there's nothing fun or productive about that) and then thought "Well, obviously my mom and dad..." and then remembered how TOTALLY, UNBELIEVABLY, UNDENIABLY excited my brother's dog gets when she sees me.  We are talking JUMPS UP AND DOWN on all four legs, cries, jumps all over me, runs a circle around me, and has even been known to pee because she completely loses her mind. She is a lovable dog in general, but I've been told she saves the best greeting for me.

So yes, my parents and friends seem to like me quite a bit, and I do have an undeniable amount of charm, but no one gets as excited to see me as this lady:

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