Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Things I must do this summer.

Visit Six Flags. I've lived in this city for almost five years and have never been...for shame.

Attend Summerfest again. I love Milwaukee.

Boat! I need to get on a mother f**kin' boat!

Baseball games! Tigers vs. Sox, Cubs vs. whomever, my Tigers in Comerica Park, culminating with a trip to Fenway with Lu in August!

Swing for the fences at a batting cage.

Get my swing on at a driving range

Concerts in the park.

I know one does not need a significant other in order to have a good time/experience fun things in life, but it sure would make it easier to knock off my to-do list if I had a regular partner in crime. I tried to find someone to go have dinner and a drink with last night, at the last minute, and was horribly unsuccessful.  I have no problem going to things on my own, but most of the things I list here are much more fun with another person!

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