Thursday, March 17, 2011

Frango Chocolate FTW.

I am a huge fan of the blog How Sweet It Is.  I credit Jessica and Rachel Wilkerson for convincing me that cooking is fun and something that CAN be done on a budget, for one, and in a teeny-tiny kitchen.  I especially love their dessert recipes (Jessica's recipe for Red Velvet Chocolate cookies is TO DIE FOR.)

Jessica, like me, loves batter, especially cake batter. When I saw limited edition Cake Batter Frango chocolates after a long day of mattress shopping, I knew I had to try them. It was kind of late on a Saturday night at the ginormous Macy's on State Street in Chicago. The place was a bit deserted, so the Frango chocolate woman was thankful for interaction and said "Would you like to sample any of our flavors?!" That's like offering someone dying of thirst a drink - of course I'd like to sample chocolates! After biting into the Cake Batter chocolate and seeing the always awesome rainbow sprinkles I thought "Jessica from How Sweet It Is has got to try these! I should mail her a that weird?!"  Thankfully I'm never one to shy away from doing odd things (and let's be honest, if I decided at the last minute that it was TOO weird, I'd be left with chocolates...for shame.) When I got home with the chocolates (one to keep and one to send!) I emailed her through her website and heard back from her. I love randomness!

Jessica was kind enough to write about it and share pictures of the chocolates on her blog, thereby sending Macy's stock and my blog visits to an all time high!  Well, maybe not Macy's stock, but I'm thinking they're going to sell a lot of Cake Batter Chocolates (hurry hurry - limited edition!)

Hello fellow How Sweet readers!  What's your favorite recipe from her blog?

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