Monday, December 6, 2010


A long, long time ago, I started a blog under an alias, a name made up by combining a first and last name from my family tree.  This was before blogging was widely acceptable, when it was a thing done by either really cool people (Heather Armstrong, Maggie Mason) or social misfits (Perez Hilton, me.)  I never blogged much and when I did it was generally pretty lame (not that I'm saying my content is now somehow life-changing).  One thing that was cool about that blog, however, was the domain name.  Several months ago I finally canceled the blog and put an alert into my calendar to check for the name availability after the required waiting period to reclaim the name.  That date was in AUGUST, and after a couple of weeks of trying just about every other day, I sort of forgot about it.  Every time I tried to claim the domain name it would tell me it wasn't available.  I was bummed...I thought I had lost the name forever.

Imagine my surprise when, right before shutting down the computer for the night, I thought "Oh, I wonder if that name is available yet..." and typed in  SUCCESS!  IT'S BAAAAACCCCCCKKKKK! 

I hope I didn't lose any of you with the change, as I think the reclamation of my desired name will inspire me to write more positive, interesting, and hilarious posts. :)

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