Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things I love.

1.  The fact that the day after a kind friend helps me FINALLY put my air conditioner in my window it is so mild out that I don't need it.

2.  The fact that the teacher in the Crunch class I attended today pointed at me and said "I love your faces!"  I honestly had no idea I was making faces, but am glad they were apparently not horrible and unattractive.

3.  Soft serve chocolate ice cream from Dairy Queen with marshmallow topping, sprinkled with pie crust pieces.  I was REALLY REALLY in need of something sweet last night and after careful consideration, decided to indulge in some DQ.  Back in 2000 (when I had the metabolism of a 22 year the math if you'd like) I was a big fan of their S'more Galore Parfait, but for some reason the idiots took it off the menu.  I went into DQ knowing I wanted chocolate with marshmallow topping, and the kind (but surly) ice cream girl suggested pie crust after informing me they do not have crumbled graham crackers.  It was delicious.  I need to forget how delicious it is.

4.  Coming home from work just before 6 p.m. and having my neighborhood overrun by dogs who are SO HAPPY to be outside after a long day in their condos/apartments.  Man, I love dogs.

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