Monday, June 14, 2010

Minute in my head.

Caught from a real IM conversation tonight, whilst pretending to get work done but actually just wastin' time.  For the record, I am "Marelis".  That has been my AIM name since 1994 (for real) and I'm not changing it EVAH.

Marelis 8:09 pm
(8:09:32 PM):     speaking of honey - i eat so much i might turn into a bear.

CP 8:10 pm
(8:10:00 PM):     haha

(8:10:10 PM):     kristen beargelly!

(8:10:41 PM):     please don't break into my car if i leave food in it or attack me on a path in the trees...

(8:11:06 PM):     i do like the idea of hibernation - kinda jealous they get to do that
Marelis 8:11 pm
(8:11:44 PM):     i will be a nice bear.
Marelis 8:11 pm
(8:11:53 PM):     i will just sit and eat honey and make friends with bees.
CP 8:12 pm
(8:12:24 PM):     that sounds nice

(8:12:46 PM):     honey is gooood

(8:12:54 PM):     i should have some tea with honey actually
Marelis 8:13 pm
(8:13:31 PM):     and perhaps play with tied up husky dogs:

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