Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thinking and not thinking.

I've been trying to come up with short sayings or relevant words that I can use as a new blog address, but every time I come up with something seemingly brilliant and OMGZ perfect for me, I check and find out it's taken. 


I just mixed up a batch of No Pudge brownies that are now in my temperamental oven (I mean often does a normal pilot light go out?) and as I was mixing it up I thought of two things:

1.  I love the concept (and taste) of No Pudge brownies, but find their mascot, a skinny pig, very unsettling.
2.  Science aside, why does it take so long to make brownies (25 - 30 minutes) if it only takes 9 - 11 minutes to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  I say "science aside" because I totally get the density issue (brownies are usually made in a pan, which means more batter on top of each other and more general mass) and I even get the "all vs. some" issue (i.e. - you have ALL the brownie batter in the oven at one time vs. portions of the cookie dough) but I wonder: if I were to attempt to make small brownies using a muffin tin, would it take 25 - 30 minutes every time, or could I cut down the cooking time due to the variance in density?

This, my friends, is the kind of stuff I think about.

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