Friday, May 14, 2010

Things I hate.

I think it's totally overwhelming that there are three professional sports, two in the throes of playoffs, going on at the same time. I'm pretending like basketball and hockey are dead to me (since Detroit teams are no longer participating) and that baseball is the only thing that matters, but Twitter and Facebook (and watching Sportscenter whilst at the gym) are making it difficult to ignore the fact that the powers that be (i.e. - professional sport commissioners or whatever they are called) are elevating the stress levels of the American people by letting all these seasons overlap. 

Here is what I envision as the ideal schedule for professional sports:

Football - September until January
Basketball - October until May
Hockey - November until April
Baseball - April until September

Yes, there is overlap, but it's not as DRASTIC. And you'll never have TWO sports in the playoffs at the same time.

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