Sunday, April 18, 2010


I am a girl who likes to drive. I enjoy the open road, my loyal Ford Escape, radio stations, and seeing new places.  The past two weekends I have drove from Chicago to Detroit, Detroit to Chicago, Chicago to Cincinnati, and Cincinnati to Chicago.  Today's drive back from Cinci was a pleasant one, due to sunshine and a relatively lax schedule that allowed me to stop at some interesting exits to make pit stops. 

If you are ever driving on 65 in Indiana, you MUST exit at exit 220 and visit Fair Oaks Farms.  I stopped today (um...and on Friday on the drive down) to get some of their mint chocolate chip ice cream.  HOLY COW.  It's perhaps the best ice cream I've had in my entire life.  I got a kiddie sized cone so I didn't have sweets guilt and it was a good thing I was about 15 miles away when I had the last bite or I may have gone for more.  I also got a sampler bag of their Sweet Swiss cheese and some milk for my cereal/coffee this week.

Perhaps I can get some friends together to go on the Dairy Adventure...ending the day with ice cream. ;)

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