Monday, April 5, 2010

Holy moley!

Now, I hope you were not expecting me to blog on Easter Sunday.  You know with church and brunch and planting flowers and doing community service and reflecting on my faith blogging just seemed so...insignificant on such a blessed day.

Oh now look what I've done...I've started your Monday morning off with a lie (none of the above is true, it just slipped my mind). I remembered after I shut my computer off and was climbing into bed.  I thought for a half-second "I should log on and at least write SOMETHING" but then I realized logging on to write something quick, which should take like five minutes tops, would end up taking me at least one hour, because it's sort of impossible to log onto my computer without checking email accounts, Twitter, and Facebook.

I actually had a lovely Easter celebration.  A friend and I dyed eggs using a Hello Kitty kit and then ate a yummy dinner of stuffed cabbage with strawberry shortcake for dessert.  Good times!  I really MEANT to go to mass in the morning but then I remembered how annoyed I get when people finally start going to things I always go to (i.e. - we have had these experiences with Tiger games and clubs in Detroit) and also I slept in a bit too late because I was out late Saturday night.

I'm heading home this weekend for some family time and will probably make my mom's Sunday and go to church with her.  I hope you all had a great weekend!

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Baba au Rhum said...

I did have a good weekend! Thanks for sharing yours. Looking forward to reading more posts.