Friday, April 30, 2010

Closing thoughts.

April, and my pledge to blog every day, comes to an end today, which means you probably won't hear from me for about a week or so.  I'll act as if this was totally taxing when it really isn't.  If I had blogging standards or high expectations for my blog content it might be taxing, but since I was clearly about quantity over quality I really have nothing to bitch about.

Oh wait!  I do have something to bitch about, but it's not blogging related.

I'm starting to think that if a guy is in a relationship he should have to wear some type of visible marker letting all the single women he comes in contact with know that he is, technically, not available.  Sure, girlfriends are not wives, but if you are a God-fearing woman like me, the presence of a girlfriend makes a man unavailable.  One would think relationships could be easily discarded, but when a man lives in Chicago and is over the age of 30, he's generally cohabitating.  Their relationship might be horrible and loveless and could now be a relationship of convenience/laziness, but cohabitating makes it challenging to get out of.  There are usually possessions to split and custody arrangements to draft up over pets, Wii's, or flat-screen televisions.  That shit takes a lot of effort and energy and is probably the reason why so many people are in bad relationships.  Or maybe I'm just ASSUMING many guys are in bad relationships since some of them spend a good couple hours seemingly flirting with you to only FINALLY mention the fact that they are in a relationship right before they ask you for your phone number so you can give them career advice.

Did you see Inglorious Basterds?  By the way, that movie title is awful because I have a hard time spelling things improperly on purpose, but I digress.  You know how they mark people?  I'm not thinking anything drastic like that, but you know.  Along those lines.


chidori said...

Hi, I'm just taking a random walk through the blogs. Cheers to you for completing your blogging goal! I haven't quite reached that point yet and hope I never do ...

It was entertaining to read through your recent posts, so I'll be back for more. The lone blog I own is not bitch-friendly, but if I do start one, I'm glad to know there's a community for it out there. Thanks for today's reading!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

Stargirl said...

I'm just going through the situation you described at the moment. My partner has left me so I am going through the process of splitting our belongings, canceling our joint bank account, finding somewhere new to live. It is very tedious and emotional, but I would say its much MUCH better than staying in a relationship that's not working, due to laziness. I think some men just need to get a back bone!!

Anonymous said...

How about eartags like goats or cows ?!?! You know, the big yellow plastic thing ?!

Oh yeah, that goes to women too BTW


Kristen said...

Eartags - YES! Let's make some. Perhaps we can sell them on Etsy. I'm sure women would LOVE to have them for their men.

kekekelo said...

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