Monday, March 8, 2010

Simply amazing.

I loved the song "Hit 'Em Up Style" when it first came out.  It's all "Ladies, if your man is stepping out, don't be sad, just spend his money and ruin his shit." That's revenge I can get behind.  Kidding...sorta?

On February 28th, I went to Schubas, one of my favorite music venues, to see the band Carolina Chocolate Drops.  I didn't know much about this band, I bought tickets purely because it was something different and it'd been a while since I'd been to Schubas.  What a brilliant decision on my part!

They covered "Hit 'Em Up Style" and it was honestly a musical moment I will never, ever forget.  The energy was electric and I literally said "WOW" to my friend who was at the show with me.  This clip doesn't fully do it justice, but it's still damn good.

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Jenn said...

Wow! Awesome cover!!