Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fun with Oscar - The Blind Side

Through my experience working as a volunteer for my sorority, I've met many double-named women.  There's Jane Anne, Ann-Ashleigh, Sarah Kate, and Sara Kay, to name a few.  Prior to that experience, I always thought the only double-names that normal people (note: not rednecks) were named were Mary Ann/e or Mary Ellen.  I was familiar with Ann Margaret, due to my childhood love of the movie "Bye Bye Birdie", but she didn't really count because she was a movie star.  Outside of that, I felt like double-names were something reserved for trailer parks, or that any double-name outside of the two I was familiar with were always going to be Something-Sue (Billie Sue, Bobby Sue, Peggy Sue, etc.).

The women I've met with double-names are, on average, extremely attractive and motivated women.  Leigh Anne Touhy (as played by Sandra Bullock) was no exception.

This movie was cute.  I am a sucker for "triumph" movies.  I love the whole "you can do anything you set your mind to" idea, although I do find this common storyline at times problematic and idealistic.  Unfortunately, not everyone will find a hot southern pseudo-mom to "save them" from an underprivileged life.  I sort of feel as though movies like this are bad for social programs, because it makes the plight of the underprivileged look a lot easier to solve than it actually is.  "We don't need to reform the education system, we just need all the poor kids to smooth-talk their way into fancy private schools, where they will become instant football/basketball/baseball stars and win scholarships to top-notch schools!"  Ummm.  Sure.

This movie did completely reignite my desire to tailgate at a southern school, like Alabama, Georgia, or Auburn.  This could be an urban legend, but I hear they dress up in fancy clothes and bring REAL CHINA to TAILGATE.  I find that fascinating and exciting and WHEN CAN I DO IT?  I'm planning on tailgating this year for my birthday but I bet the people in Ann Arbor would think I was totally out of my mind if I dressed up and brought china.  They might be willing to overlook it if I brought them pot.

Any movie that's set in the south, with southern characters, always makes me want to be more charming/polished/etc.  She was in full hair and make up at ALL TIMES.  Her house was immaculate (of course she didn't clean it) and her husband was hot.  She had lunch at fancy country clubs with hyper-conservative women who likely say "Bless her heart" or "bless it!" a lot.  There is something so attractive about all of that, don't you think?!  I just find the thought of it so exhausting, and practicality always wins out.

Question to those of you who saw the movie: do you think Leigh Anne really was carrying a gun, or do you think she was bluffing?

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Gene said...

I would love to go tailgating at an SEC school. That sounds awesome. Nice weather, good food, and nice table service. What more do you need besides booze?