Monday, December 7, 2009

Female sabotage.

I find it fascinating how women judge, criticize, back-stab, etc., one another.  I'm sure you all know what I mean, perhaps you've even experienced it yourself (what woman hasn't been totally dogged out by someone they thought was a friend?).

You know the scene all too're out with a group of friends and you're trying to catch the attention of the cute guy across the bar.  Maybe you talk to him a little, maybe not, but then you see him talking to another girl.  You may be crestfallen, and then your girlfriends will chime in with something like "Ohmigawd, look at her shoes.  Who wears that?!" or "...did she get dressed in the dark?" or "...she's got on so much makeup, she looks like a tranny." 

I'm not trying to get on a high horse and say I have never done this, or don't do it from time to time.  I will say I've become much less tolerant of this kind of behavior as I've gotten older.  If my friends are judging girls because they might be dressed more provocitively than we might dress, I say (sincerely) "Good for her for having the courage/self-esteem to wear a shirt/skirt/dress like that."  Or if someone says something rude about adult entertainers (aka - strippers), I say "Maybe they are stripping because they are trying to pay for their college education...they could be in law/medical school.  Or maybe they are a single mom who has had a rough life but wants to provide a better life for her children.  We don't know, so we shouldn't judge."  I's horribly annoying, but my purpose is to get people to not judge someone based on what they do, dress, say, etc.  All that aside, yes...I've been known to say snarky things, or flirt with a guy who I know has a girlfriend (but my definition of me flirting is so subtle that it probably wasn't obvious).  Please accept my apologies.

All that aside, I would never, ever, ever, ever cross a line with a man who I knew was taken.  I would especially not sleep with a man who I knew was married so I could 1) say I did, or 2) possibly make money off selling the story to the tabloids.  You might know where this is going.

In the grand scheme of newsworthy events, the Tiger Wood's story should not be leading news.  However it is, and we can all expect to see many more women come forward, talking about their exploits with Tiger, and we can expect to see this all played out in the press.  Overall, media in this country is shit, and if you didn't know that already...well.  I'm sorry for crushing your dreams.  While I'm at it, Santa and the Tooth Fairy aren't real either!

What makes me SO MAD about this story (Tiger cheating on his wife and not taking the sanctity of marriage seriously, while millions of American's routinely try to prevent a minority group in this country from being able to get married, with the argument of trying to "protect the sanctity of marriage" aside) is that these women KNEW he was married.  He's like one of the most famous people in the whole entire world.  His courtship, engagement, wedding, and the birth of he and Elin's children were all covered by all the same media outlets who are now voraciously covering his indiscretions.  You'd have to be Amish to not know who Tiger Woods is.  Wouldn't that be hilarious if an Amish woman stepped forward, claiming she had an affair with Tiger Woods?  If so, I'll forgive her.  BUT ONLY HER.

Why do women do this?  Don't people ever put themselves in another person's shoes?  I love David Beckham, and think he's one of the hottest things around, but even if he were begging and pleading, I would not sleep with him.  Maybe if Victoria Beckham called me up and said "Kristen, go ahead...we have a list of five, and you're #1 on his list", maybe I would.  But I'd have SERIOUS reservations.

One of the funniest (and yet saddest) things about this story is this post.  That is SO LIKE WOMEN.  "OMG, I can't believe he slept with another woman who wasn't his wife when he's involved with me..." Don't they get it?  If he's willing to cheat on his wife, the mother of his children, there's probably no limit as to what (or who) he'd do.  I always find it hysterical when women are messing around with a guy who has a girlfriend, and then get all shocked and confused if he cheats on them.  HELLLLLOOOOO.  I love this line "...starting to make Uchitel wonder if Tiger is really committed to their adulterous relationship."

After everything women have been through together, like gaining the right to vote, or continuing to fight for wage equality, you'd think we would have each others backs a little more.  In the words of 702 "Where my girls at?!"


Jen said...

You go, girl! I couldn't agree more!

kam said...

Well...there's no better example of female sabotage than the Pussycat Dolls. Here are girls that have success that only a extremely small percentage of people obtain and they can't keep it together over petty issues. Sure...Nicole writes all of the songs, is the prettiest and wants to venture out on her own. If you don't like it, write a song, hang with Diddy, work your butt off. I'm just now realizing that PCD can teach all of us some valuable life lessons.

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