Sunday, November 29, 2009


Last night as I was getting my jacket and bag out of my locker at work, one of my coworkers said "Can I tell you something without you getting offended?"  I replied, in an effort to stall time, "Well, that could be a dangerous and/or embarrassing path..." to which he replied "F*#% it, I'm an artist and pride myself in saying what I think, and we're off the clock now anyway!" As he was finishing that statement, my mind was racing, wondering "What's he going to say?!  Is he going to be rude?  Will he hurt my feelings?!"

So he states "You have one of the best white asses I've ever seen."

Wow.  It's not every day you get told your ass is one of the finest specimens of your ENTIRE RACE.

I hope this doesn't go to my head.


Gene said...

Congrats to you and your fine ass!

House of Jules said...

YAY YOU! WOOHOO! Who are these people that get offended when someone tells them they have a fine ass?!

kam said...

You're a real fine woman, so why don't you back that azz up!