Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Bowgate, Part Deux"

Why do so many people find it to be a problem that President Obama bowed to the Emperor of Japan?  Is our nation that ethnocentric that we don't think we should adapt to local cultural norms when in other countries?  Have they not heard the term "When in Rome..."?

I get so frustrated with the media and general public when they focus on such minute, insignificant issues.  Some people say he shouldn't have bowed at all, some say he was right to bow, but he bowed too deeply.  I think it is wise, not to mention kind, for him to adapt to the cultural norms of whatever country he is visiting.

What do you think?


Gene said...

It's better than throwing up on him.

House of Jules said...

OHMAHGAWD, I was totally going to write something about bowing being a better option than barfing... Gene has beaten me to the punch twice today!!!

kam said...

Yes. Being decent is expected...from everyone.

Problem is...too many people are disrespected and get bad media coverage in general. Whether its Obama, Palin...really...anyone (except for Balloon Boys parents). None of this stuff is "news"...its just trivial.

I do wish that more people bowed down to me though.