Monday, November 23, 2009

Below the belt.

I firmly believe that one of the worst things you can ever call a man is "bitch".  I know bitch is a loaded word, like "Bitch in charge" = powerful, "Evil bitch" = cruel, "psycho bitch" = most really hot girls, "crazy bitch" = Buckcherry, "bitch" = lover/child/mother/sinner/saint, or "Bitch" = a really great magazine.

Something about hearing someone call a grown man a "bitch" just makes me so uncomfortable.  I personally am not horribly insulted if someone calls ME a bitch, because I know I am not a bitch, but I know I can act like a bitch, so I'll totally own that one.  I used the term "bitched up" interchangeably with "sassed up"/"dolled up", and fondly refer to my closest female friends as "my bitches".  I'm not fearful of the word in general, but hate when it's directed at men.

Does this make you feel uncomfortable?  Is there any swear word/slang word that you find horribly offensive?  I don't mean words that are racially-charged (I like to pretend like those don't exist), those are a given, but words that can really sting.  Keep the comments clean, ya'll. ;)


Gene said...

C word.

House of Jules said...

I second Gene's C-word comment.

I do have to say that calling my female friends, (in a moment of feigned offense at something they've said to me), "You bastard!" is one of the most delightful and mood-lifting things ever... but again, it's to my friends in a moment of silliness.