Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day Whatever - The day I get sick of counting and decide to abandon it.

Today my teacher for my academic writing class mentioned to me that I seem to have "a lot of great writing ideas. You need to make sure you keep track of them." We've been reading books in class about writing, and how often times writers are inspired by the littlest things. Maybe a person you pass on the street is so interesting looking, whether physically or in their manner of dress or how they carry themselves, you really need to write down your thoughts on that person because you are not likely to recall the information when you want it. How true is that? It's sort of like when someone says something sassy to you, and hours later you think of the best comeback. It's difficult to be clever on command. Have you ever had a friend introduce you to someone new and then your friend says "She's so hysterical..." Don't you sort of feel like the person you just met now wants you to say something original and funny? The pressure is immense.

I do think I have a lot of fun writing topics. I have had various topics over the years and have only ever written maybe two of them. Definitely not a bad idea to start writing them down. I think I'm going to start with short stories and/or essay's and see where that takes me.

Some possible topics:
1. Why guys wearing Detroit Tigers hats are automatically considered hot.
2. How text messaging has changed the communicative processes of 20 and 30-somethings, or "Real Men Don't Text LOL".
3. The Age of Full Disclosure, or "Why are you posting your pregnant, naked belly on MySpace".

Leave your suggestions in the comments! I'll accept any challenge!

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