Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 8 - The day I get out of dodge

Nothing really monumental to report...I left early morning for Palm Springs. Flew from Chicago O'Hare to LAX, had approximately 20 minutes to get from my first flight to my second flight (I never would have made it, but thankfully was wearing my foot boot for my injured foot and was able to jump on an airport golf cart) and when I arrived at the gate for the second flight, said a quick prayer to our sweet Lord because I had to get on the smallest plane I ever have seen with my own eyes. This thing had propellors. Being who I am and thinking how I think, my first thoughts were of Aaliyah, JFK Jr., John Denver, etc., and how I hoped I did not meet a similar fate because although I had great intentions to leave my apartment clean it would be a stretch to call it clean and I wouldn't want my family and friends to know I had such low standards.

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