Thursday, January 3, 2008

Let's come to a resolution.

Everyone knows what January 1st means. A fresh start, a new beginning, a chance to redefine yourself. Whether the year before was the best year of your life or the worst, January 1st gives you the chance to pledge to work on an aspect of your life or personality you'd like to improve.

I know a lot of people don't agree with new year's resolutions. "Everyone always breaks them", "they are quick fix", "they aren't realistic", etc. Well bugger to them. I dislike when people try to steal the joy of others, or basically imply the person is going to be a failure at something. Even if someone's dreams are maybe a bit unrealistic, at least they are striving for something. A life without dreams is a life without hope. If someone's dream is something you might view as superficial, there is no reason for you to voice that. People dream for what they believe is attainable, maybe with a little extra effort, extra luck, whatever. It's like, I'm never going to say "I dream of being a superstar NBA player", because 1. I'm a girl, 2. I'm not that tall/fast/coordinated, 3. I know myself well enough to know I do not have the drive or determination to ever make that possible (nor the funds for that sex change operation I'd need to make the dream a reality). I might, however, say "I dream of being really fit and athletic". While this probably requires more effort than I really want to expend, it is ATTAINABLE.

Yesterday, along with about 114 million of my fellow American's (according to the last census, that's how many people there are between the ages of 18 and 45), I went to the gym. Yesterday was January 2nd. What do you think I expected to see at the gym? That's right, I expected to see TONS OF PEOPLE. Because these people, like me, are trying to right some wrongs of 2007 and start 2008 off on a good foot. Most of these people (but hopefully not me), will continue this for about 3 - 4 weeks and then fall off the wagon. Maybe they will injure themselves from pushing to hard the first couple weeks. Maybe they will get busy with work/school/family/etc. It's just a simple, proven fact most people will not be able to maintain their resolutions for the whole year. This is not to say they will fail. At least they've tried. When I walked in and saw all the machines occupied, I did not sigh in disgust. I was elated! Look at all these people trying to better themselves! I had a hard time finding a locker for my things. I did not complain! I found it refreshing.

So for the next couple weeks, let's try to be positive. If someone is going on and on about their goals for the year, please do not tell them they are "crazy". Let them live the dream. It won't hurt you to encourage them. Don't let your own insecurities stand in the way of you being a cheerleader for someone.

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lt56amy said...

BRAVO! I know there have been people that made resolutions, stuck with them and changed their lives. I think the Resolution Haters are the ones that can't follow-thru. I also think Resolutions help people come off the "holiday high" and give them something to look forward to.