Friday, October 26, 2007

Noise pollution

I am currently in a graduate class. This graduate class meets at 5:45 until 9 p.m. Many of my classmates work, so they go straight from work to class (myself included). Often times, this means by the time you get to class, you are hungry, perhaps even a bit delirious from hunger. I do not have a problem with people eating in class (unless you are a loud chewer, but that's not the point of this post). I do, however, get a little shocked when people eat foods that are just not, no matter how tactfully you try to eat them, quiet. Some examples include:

A whole apple
Lobster (just kidding, but I wouldn't put it past people)
Anything that comes in a crinkly bag

This week in class, one of my classmates had a HUGE plastic cup of ice. She would get a mouthful (which as you know, ice is loud in a plastic cup) and proceed to chew her ice. During intellectual discussion. I am pretty sure after the third or forth mouthful I muttered under my breath "Seriously?! Seriously." but I probably didn't. I just thought about it. Because poodles, I have tact. Just not when drunk (but that doesn't count).

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