Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I can't resist.

I used to have semi-warm feelings toward LeBron James. These feelings were mainly a result of some "intel" I had access to on LBJ when he was a high school senior (one of my roommates at the time was friends with LBJ's high school coach.) The intel made it sound like LBJ was just this immensely talented guy who had an extreme passion for the game of basketball. At the time, it really sounded like it was ALL about the basketball. I can't hate on that.

Last year, with Lebron's big spectacle of a TV show, announcing where he was going, was ridiculous. At that time, you could tell it wasn't all for the love of the game. Some of his recent hijinks and the obvious fact that his mental game is not nearly on par with his physical game (Clevelanders, you can stop claiming he "gave up" when he was in the playoffs as a Cavalier...he just clearly doesn't have the mental fortitude to finish off a game), regardless of how much trash he talks, makes me feel okay about posting this.

I know it's kind of mean and crass, but I laughed out loud.

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