Thursday, June 9, 2011


Yesterday's prompt asked "What are you not a fan of?" Initially I thought "OH! That's easy! I can just bitch about things I don't like! Maybe I'll do a top ten list!" and figured the post would take me about 2.9 seconds to write, but it seems it's difficult to think of ten things off the cuff. I'm sure if you followed me around for a week you'd hear me say "I don't like that..." at least 3,821 times (and I'm a pretty positive person!) but it's tough to think of things when you're not encountering them.

I can think of a couple things that I UNIVERSALLY do not like:
1. Team apparrel in the color pink. Like this:

2. Butterflies flying close to me. I think because of this story.
3. How spendy workout clothes are.'s looking at you. (but I love your stuff and am totes going to buy some sooonnnn!)
4. Tights as pants.
5. Paying for tampons. How is that fair?!

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