Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This weekend on my drive back to Chicago from Detroit, I had an OVERWHELMING URGE to hear Extreme's "More Than Words" and Mr. Big's "To Be With You".  Imagine my disappointment when I realized they were not on my Zune (yes, I have a Zune.  I won it at a luncheon about three years ago and since it holds more music than my mini iPod or iPod shuffle it is used on car rides).  How could that be?  I could probably recite almost all the words to either song for you but for some reason that love had not translated into an iTunes purchase.  I was clearly on a hunt for nostalgic music and thankfully I was able to satisfy that desire by jamming out to "Freedom", "Father Figure" and "I Want Your Sex" by George Michael.  Holy cow - those are amazing songs.  If it's been a while since you've listened to them you should do yourself a favor and do so.  Freedom is probably my favorite song of all time.  Partially because I adore the video (Christy, Cindy, Linda, Naomi, and Tatjana - brilliant), partially because the song makes me feel kinda sexy when I hear it, and finally due to the greater message of the song.  "I think there's something you should know, I think it's time I stop the show, there's something deep inside of me, there's someone else I've got to be" was George's way of saying "Hey all...I'm gay, and you can do with it what you will, but this is who I am and I'm sick of hiding it."  Poetry.

Don't worry, today I downloaded "More Than Words" and "To Be With You", thanks to some iTunes credits.

One reason my music collection is so terrifically random is because I often get "urges" to hear songs that I honestly probably hadn't even thought of in ten or more years.  I remember one day I was out and overheard someone mention how they got poison ivy which made me long to hear "Poison Ivy" by the Young & Restless.  At the time the song was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND on iTunes which disturbed me to no end and forced me to turn to YouTube in my time of need.  Thankfully they were able to deliver and also reinvigorated my love for Y&R's song B Girls. They sure don't make videos like they used to.

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Lesley said...

OMG. I heard More Than Words last weekend at the race track streaming from the Toyota display. I think they had "Monster Ballads/Monsters of Rock" on heavy rotation. Love that song.