Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 12 - The day I procrastinate and wonder why all these people aren't at work

So when I was a contributing member of society, and not an unemployed bum living off the government (okay, that's me being dramatic, but I did have my first offical call-in to the Unemployment Office today, that was something new...and also incorrect to say I'm living off the government, since my former employer pays the Unemployment office), I always dreamed of a time when I would run errands in the middle of the day on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or any day of the week between Monday - Friday. I figured traffic getting to those places would be light, the stores would be practically empty, parking lots would allow me close access to the entrances, etc. However, I am finding that it not the case. There's still PEOPLE EVERYWHERE! Eating lunch on patios, walking around the streets, going to the grocery store, buying cute shit at Target, etc. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!? I understand I live in a touristy town, and in a neighborhood where people generally stop while in Chicago (I live really close to Wrigley Field), but what is it these people DO that allows them the luxury of waltzing around on weekdays? I feel like they can tell I'm new at this, perhaps there is a timid bounce in my step, or maybe I look confused at the daylight, and I can tell this is not the first time they've experienced 9 - 5 freedom.

I am tempted to walk up to one of them tomorrow and simply say "What's your story? How come you aren't at work?" I understand not all professions work a 9 - 5 schedule, but I feel like the majority of them do? I would love to see a statistic on that. Sure, if I see a really tan girl with a hot body walking around during the day, I'll probably figure she slings drinks at one of the cool clubs in town and probably pulls in around $800/night (seriously), but if I see a normal looking woman NOT pushing a stroller I might just need to find out what the deal is.